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The old ball mill work form and multiple category description

Date: 2015-8-13 16:09:56 Read: 1226 times

Old ball mill as grinding material professional equipment, in recent years the market position of more and more high, the following we briefly about some basic work of the old mill forms and a variety of categories of Jane. 
Old ball mill is suitable for all kinds of ores and other materials, is the material being broken, and then to smash the key equipment, is widely used in industrial production of one of the high fine grinding machine. Old type ball mill has a lot of, such as hand ball mill and horizontal ball mill, ball mill bearing, energy-saving ball mill, the overflow type ball mill, ceramic ball mill, grid ball mill, etc. 
Old ball mill is mainly composed of cylindrical shell, end cover, bearing and drive gear ring parts, such as grinding dielectric cylinder body load, with end cover on both ends of the cylinder, end cover use of screw and barrel end flange connection, the end cover with a hole in the middle of the, called a hollow shaft, hollow shaft bearing on bearing, cylinder can turn. Cylinder is fixed on the big gear ring. In drive system, the old mill motor through coupling, gear reducer, and small gear drives the big gear ring and cylinder, move slowly. 
Material from the left, in general, the hollow shaft neck into the cylinder, and gradually spread out to the right to move, when the material in the process of moving from left to right, old ball mill rotating cylinder will be falling to a certain height and the material of steel ball break, and part of the steel ball in a state of material barrel falls into xie has grinding effect, the whole moving process and material crushing process. 
Engineering material processing need professional equipment to support the old mill rising market demand of the market, the future will be more broad.