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How is the temperature too high cement ball mill processing

Date: 2014-8-26 17:47:23 Read: 972 times

Cement ball mill in operation, stop grinding, grinding on large temperature difference, creating significant thermal stress and thermal deformation, sometimes even cement ball mill parts damage, such as geometric distortion of liner, liner analysis bolt broken and so on. After hot deformation to stop grinding starts, to produce a coherent force, in the operation of the formation of current pulse and its vibration; In addition, the cement ball mill heat to the main bearing, main bearing temperature, care more difficult. 
Volatile materials by the rise of grinding temperature. In grinding fineness high area, cement particles can produce electrostatic adsorption phenomenon, mutual friction besides together with each other, also the adsorption on the cement ball mill grinding medium, form the so-called buffer layer, obviously reduce the effect of cement ball mill grinding; And the higher the temperature, the condensation of grinding side effects are also more serious. In addition, the cement ball mill grinding in high temperature can cause the cement slow condensation liu - gypsum dehydration, completely false cement coagulation or quick-setting, affect the quality of the cement. 
If the temperature is too high, you can use the cement grinding cement cooler. When the cold water temperature of 15 ℃, can make the cement temperature from 110 ℃ to 65 ℃. Adopts hydraulic measures, generally in the fine grinding storehouse water spray, 1% ~ 2% of cement production is atomized water, can improve the yield of 10% ~ 20%, greatly reduce the cement ball mill outlet temperature, and can improve ventilation and gas of the dust collecting. What temperature is low, don't spray in the first round, it is very important, the temperature of the plate in the first line of every storehouse at any time to stay above 100 degrees, hair to prevent free water make cement hydration, and the intensity of cement performance degradation, namely the temperature below 100 degrees is not water. Water quantity about 1 ~ 1.5% of cement, generally no more than 2%, water can't completely evaporate, synthesis of moisture, make cement hydration and strength performance deteriorate. 
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