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The influence factors of secondary crusher equipment configuration

Date: 2014-11-15 11:16:55 Read: 980 times

Utilized as the secondary secondary crusher machinery and equipment to make the value of the maximum, must fully prepare for the best solution. And as the basis of mining equipment selection of geological exploration report and dressing experiment becomes very important. Consumers need to be at the early stages of the investment to the two aspects of the argument. Make secondary crusher make play value. 
Geological prospecting report is through a lot of, the detailed geological prospecting work, clearly determine the exploration area of siliceous raw material, including the reserves, mineral composition, structure, embedded structure, physical properties, bout, the occurrence of the ore bodies, spatial location, shape, thickness, reflects the change of the useful and harmful components in, surrounding rock and the change of the gangue, and ore mining technical conditions and the processing technology conditions such as content, approved by the relevant departments of the file. Initially determined according to the geological exploration report, can adopt what kind of dressing method, the processing method chosen (if the massive ore crushing, grinding, sands, do not need to be broken), need to remove the harmful component species, etc. 
Beneficiation test report is in the design of the new concentrator to determine the important basis of the beneficiation process. Dressing experiment is in the area to take a certain amount of geological exploration work and the typical ore samples, applied physics, chemistry and physical chemistry, the method of useful minerals in the ore and the experimental research of harmful impurity separation. Through test research, formulate ore dressing process flow design, processing method and mineral processing method, technical parameters and relevant technical and economic indicators; At the same time to obtain the basic nature of ore, such as ore hardness, water content and silt content, etc. 
Ready to these two aspects of the argument for the secondary crusher configuration is very easy thing, hope to investors to carefully choose the equipment. The use of market resources.