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Mining equipment maintenance pay attention to the point

Date: 2014-9-22 15:49:18 Read: 1043 times

Attention should be paid to the main points of the mining equipment maintenance 
Mining equipment for all of us, belongs to a kind of large mechanical equipment, so we are in the process of using the need for maintenance, but also need to pay attention to detail points in the process of maintenance, or will cause certain damage to machinery and equipment, the following details about mining equipment maintenance needs to pay attention to the key points is nine o 'clock. 
1, all lubricating points lubrication condition and check the oil level height at least every 4 hours at a time. 
2, when the mill operation, main bearing lubricating oil temperature is not more than 55 ℃. 
3, mill run properly, the drive bearing and the rise of temperature of the reducer is not more than 55 ℃, the highest do not exceed 60 ℃. 
4, big and small gear transmission is smooth, no abnormal noise. When necessary, should timely adjust the clearance. 
5, ball mill running smoothly, without strong shock. 
Six, the motor current should be no abnormal fluctuations. 
7, each connecting fastener no looseness, no oil leaking in the joint surface, five evasion, no water leakage phenomenon. 
8, steel ball wear in accordance with the situation in a timely manner to add. 
9, if found abnormal situation should immediately stop grinding repair.